Epoch of Twilight – Chapter 45

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Huang Jiahui asked him what had happened. Luo Yuan thought he should explain to her, so he told her the whole story. Huang Jiahui got angry when he mentioned how the citizens in Hedong City had treated the people from Donghu City.


“Do they even have the right to complain? The citizens from Donghu City would not have been in this state if the army had protected them. All these people are relying on the state army and the dry food that’s supposed go to the survivors! And now they’re trying to bully us and make it look like they’re being charitable?”


That was what the average citizen from Donghu City was going to think.

The conflict between Hedong City and Donghu City was not something new. Their economies were relatively similar and their GDPs were also very close. However, the difference between the two cities was that Hedong City acted as the administrative capital of a province, where most of the important ministry and government offices were located. On the other hand, Donghu City was just an average city with an administrative division somewhere between a province and a county. This fact caused the citizens of both cities several dilemmas. Citizens in Donghu City were jealous of the people in Hedong City, but sometimes they also looked down on them because the citizens in Hedong City were not very friendly towards people from Donghu City.

As a citizen of Donghu city, Luo Yuan agreed with what Huang Jiahui had just said, but he was also worried. He frowned and said seriously, “I think that’s enough for now. Let’s not talk about it anymore. There are too many people speaking nonsense. It’s best that we keep this between us so we can avoid any unnecessary arguments. Anyway, this is Hedong City, so we should try to blend in and compromise every once in a while.”

Huang Jiahui answered, “I’m not stupid. I just won’t say it publicly.”


“Good for you then. I have a feeling that this chaos will last for quite a while. It’s best not to get involved.” Luo Yuan realized he had been back for quite a while already before he asked, “Where’s Shishi?”


“She went down to play,” Huang Jiahui said.

Suddenly, he got an idea and slowly walked towards Huang Jiahui with a sly grin on his face. Huang Jiahui did not know what his intentions were, so she got panicked. “What? What are you doing?” she asked.


“Someone has a very short memory, huh? Don’t you think you owe me an explanation about yesterday?” Luo Yuan said in a flirty tone. He felt upset when he thought about her innocent act the previous day.


“What kind of an explanation do I owe you? I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Huang Jiahui lied again as her cheeks blushed.

She immediately turned around and tried to leave. Just as she was about to take her first step though, she felt a strong big arm catch her. Her entire body was turned around, and her face was suddenly extremely close to Luo Yuan’s. Huang Jiahui felt flustered. Her heart beat very fast.


“What do you want? Can we talk about it later?” she asked.


“Finally, you admit it. But how can I trust you again when I was cheated just last night?” Luo Yuan said flirtily. He did not wait for her to answer. He just lowered his head and kissed her juicy lips.

Huang Jiahui whimpered as she struggled to get free. She clenched her jaw and tried to punch him while her whole body shook. However, her resistance only lasted for a few seconds before their tongues began to chase after one another. She felt really confused. She had been staying apart from her husband for a few years and had been abstaining the whole time. Her body was very sensitive, but she was beginning to feel horny as Luo Yuan seduced her. In the end, she just hugged him and started kissing him desperately. They were both getting more and more excited. Luo Yuan pushed her against the wall and locked her in his arms. He then took off her T-shirt and bra, and dropped them both on the floor.

Luo Yuan buried his head in her naked chest while he tried to pull down her jeans with one hand.


“Wait! Not here!” Huang Jiahui gasped. Her hands though were still wrapped around his head, pulling him closer to her chest. Soon, her panties had dropped to her ankles. “Luo Yuan, you’re a jerk! Are you listening to me? Ohhh……” She did not manage to finish her sentence. Instead, she moaned, driven crazy by her orgasm.

Huang Jiahui’s body was hot. There was no fat on her thighs or her waist, her breasts were smooth and soft, and her round buttocks made her bum look like a ripe cherry. Luo Yuan was aroused by what he saw and touched. He turned her around and pressed her against the wall so she could hold onto it for support.


Luo Yuan moved his mouth close to her ear and gasped, “I’m going inside now.”


Then he squeezed into her before she could respond.

Huang Jiahui felt like she was losing her mind. Her eyes had turned blurry, and she did not even know what was going on. Luo Yuan took a deep breath, amazed by the strong stimulation of his penetration.


“Wait. Wang Shi Shi is coming back.”


“Ahhhh!” Huang Jiahui moaned in a very high pitch, becoming slightly conscious of the sudden pain of a foreign object penetrating her body. “I don’t care, nothing in life is a coincidence.”

Although she felt a little insecure, she did not want to stop, especially considering Luo Yuan was moving at a speed that she was quite enjoying. She covered her mouth so she would not moan out loud. Luo Yuan found that rather sexy and seductive. Her face was rosy and hot, and her body became weaker as her hands shook while she tried to hold on to the wall. If Luo Yuan had not been holding her, she would have fallen on the floor.

Both of them were gasping as the living room filled with the smell of sex. Suddenly, they heard the sound of footsteps followed by a key being inserted into the keyhole. Both their bodies tensed up.


“Oh no! That’s Wang Shi Shi!”


The strong stimulation and feeling of shame made her face turn red as her entire body shook involuntarily. Her vagina began to contract, bringing the two of them to the peak of orgasm. She moaned and slid down onto the floor. Luo Yuan followed her movement as he struggled to stay standing.

Wang Shi Shi had not entered the house as she seemed to have heard the noise. Huang Jiahui felt relieved as she stared at Luo Yuan angrily for a second. She was confused, mad and shy at the same time. She did not know how she would have explained this to Wang Shi Shi. She quickly picked up her clothes, rushed back to her own room and slammed the door. Luo Yuan just smiled. He did not know how else to respond.


He put on his clothes and after a few minutes yelled, “Come in!”


Wang Shi Shi entered the house with rosy cheeks, looking like she was the one who had done something naughty. She peeped at Luo Yuan and suddenly said, “Brother Luo!”


Luo Yuan was stunned. He did not know what to say.  

Huang Jiahui tried to appear calm when she came out of her room. She stared at Luo Yuan again and lifted the groceries off the table while she said, “Shishi, come help me wash the vegetables.”


“Alright,” Wang Shishi responded. She looked at the puddle of sweat at the scene curiously before she followed Huang Jiahui into the kitchen.


There were many refugees from Donghu City entering Hedong City in the following days, which caused some serious turmoil. Crimes like fighting, robbery, and rape were so common in the city, they were as frequent people breathing. Even the area where Luo Yuan was staying experienced lots of fighting incidents, the worst fight causing more than ten people to die and ten to get injured. Both parties had owned weapons such as knives and guns.

There were several times when Luo Yuan had almost gotten into a fight himself, but he had tried really hard to remain calm. Soldiers had been sent to Hedong City and the government had implemented quite a few new policies in order to control the situation. There were marketing trucks with loudspeakers driving around the city for about ten days. Job vacancy posters were plastered everywhere in an effort to reduce the conflict between the two cities, as well as to make full use of the surplus of manpower.

People in Hedong City had obtained a huge amount of resources and equipment from Donghu City, and all of it was used to set up factories. Several factories were built in a short period of time under the governor’s centralization system. The government wanted to get advantage of the many abandoned buildings left by the chaos. There was another big project running at the same time, which aimed at converting the biggest national park of Hedong City into a giant worksite. The forest had been burnt a few months ago and Pingyue Lake had also been dried out in just ten days of big scale construction.

There were many construction trucks and heavy vehicles lining up to enter the worksite every day, causing serious noise pollution. Luo Yuan sneaked into the worksite to check it out and realized that the whole site was actually a huge pit. There were countless one-meter diameter 10-meter long iron pillars being inserted into the ground. The whole worksite had a 10-meter deep surface area of 10 square kilometers. He had no idea what those people were trying to build. He wanted to continue his investigation, but he had to stop. The worksite was guarded heavily by wire fences and soldiers.

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