Epoch of Twilight – Chapter 29

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Zhang Lan was slowly starting to feel better and was talking with Cao Qianqian when Luo Yuan returned. She was apparently amazed by what Cao Qianqian had told her was real.


“Settled?” Huang Jiahui asked.


“Yes. Unfortunately, those people inside the room were already dead. This is the gun from the security guard, take it.” Luo Yuan threw the gun to Huang Jiahui together with the bullets.


Huang Jiahui operated the gun and inserted the bullets into it. She then did an aiming pose and said, “I haven’t touched a gun for such a long time!”  


“Oh sister, you’ve learned to fire before?” Zhao Tianming asked her respectfully with some curiosity as he knew she must have learned before to operate the gun professionally.


“I was a cop before recently being transferred here,” Huang Jiahui said, lifting her head up.


“You’re amazing! I should have learned to use the gun too! I had no idea the world would come to this.” Cao Qianqian sighed with envy.


“Alright, let’s go to check the second floor,” Luo Yuan said, interrupting them.


They saw a big puddle of blood when they arrived at second floor and a few leftover fingers with a bunch of grayish intestines. The group became pale from disgusted. Cao Qianqian saw a finger with a ring on it which looked very familiar. “Is that the ring of Sun Zhuren?” she asked.


“I don’t think he is still alive,” Zhao Tianming said gloomily.


“That’s enough.” Huang Jiahui was pale and she covered her mouth, quickly following Luo Yuan.


“Hold on, you guys step back a little,” Luo Yuan suddenly said. He was ahead of everyone but stopped after taking a turn. “The is a  green bug still there.”


All of them were scared and quickly ran back to the third floor. All besides Huang Jiahui who lifted her gun and remained in her place.


“Why are you still standing there? Move!” Luo Yuan turned around and stared at Huang Jiahui.


“I can kill a green bug also!” Huang Jiahui insisted with a pale face.


“Look at yourself, it’s gonna be good enough if you don’t create any problems,” Luo Yuan said angrily as he knew she would only get in the way.


“I promise I won’t create troubles.” Huang Jiahui thought of the horrible snake incident earlier and motivated herself. She said, “I was a second runner-up during the shooting competition organized by the city public security council. Please, don’t look down on me.”


That was unbelievable to Luo Yuan. However, in fact, he had not seen her fire before, so he wasn’t sure if that was true or not.


“Fine. Since you want to follow me, don’t regret if you are eaten by a bug,” Luo Yuan said, mad. When she was about to reply, Luo Yuan made a sign for her to remain silent and Huang Jiahui could only obey his instructions.


The bug was disturbed and it slowly crawled upward. Suddenly, it grew bigger.


“Bang! Bang! Bang!”


Huang Jiahui’s hands were shaking and she could not stop pressing on the gun’s trigger .


The green bug was stunned and stepped back as the bullets hit it. There were a lot of greenish liquid gushing out from its body but none of the bullets had hit any of the weak points. The green bug stepped on an empty space and rolled off the staircase to the lower floor after being shot by three bullets.


Luo Yuan would definitely not let it go. He took a leap and jumped down to the lower floor with his knife. He increased his speed and rushed toward the bug to kill it in a flash.


The sound of gunfire had attracted more bugs. There were three of them crawling over once they heard the noise.


“F*ck!” Luo Yuan was extremely mad when he thought about how Huang Jiahui always made things worse. Though, he hadn’t expected it to happen so soon. He quickly turned back as the three green bugs were too overwhelming and he could only try to escape. “Run!” Luo Yuan yelled at Huang Jiahui. She didn’t run but instead inserted more bullets into her gun.


“What are you doing? Run!” Luo Yuan was really mad and didn’t bother with her anymore. He knew he would die if she continued to be like this. He took a leap over her head and ran toward the third floor. Huang Jiahui lifted the gun and aimed at the corner next to the staircase. A bug was coming close to it and Huang Jiahui immediately fired a shot at its chest. Then the second bullet hit its eye. The bug shook for a few seconds and collapsed. Luo Yuan turned around and looked at her. He was wondering whether that should be considered lucky.


No matter what, Huang Jiahui had helped him a lot. He was confident in killing two bugs. He brought his knife along and walked to the second floor, waiting the corner. Another bug was slaughtered when it tried to peep. He then killed the last bug in the building. The system beeped when the last bug was killed.  




“E- Mission completed”

“Time consumption: 1 hour and 35 minutes”


“Comment: Excellent!”

Basic experience reward: 800”

“Comment reward: +800”

“You have leveled up and been awarded 1 property point and 5 skill points. Your current level is level 5!”

“Your energy and injuries will be recovered!”


“Finally I’ve upgraded!” Luo Yuan was excited and he opened the properties panel.


Character: Luo Yuan
Occupation: Hunter
Level: 5

Experience: 900/4800
Energy: 11 (10)
Dexterity: 12 (10)
Physique: 11 (10)

Intelligence: 13 (10)
Sensitivity: 11 (10)
Determination: 12 (10)
Skills: Science 16, Mathematics 14, Mandarin 19, English 16, Finance 17,
Programming 9, Dancing 1, Painting 3, Gaming 6, Negotiation 9, Social 7,
Culinary 3, Driving 1, Hand-to-hand Combat 5, Knife Skills, 14  .

Special Technique Skill: Object Identification, Integration

Unassigned Properties Point: 1

Unassigned Technique Point: 5

Luo Yuan read carefully through a lot of new information regarding integration which appeared in his mind when he saw the integration technique in the properties panel.


“Integration Technique: Integrate two objects based on a core object.” Luo Yuan quickly grasped it as the message was simple and easy to understand. It was similar to “strengthening’ in online games and could be used on equipment. Perhaps if he could find a strong alloy, then his knife could be upgraded too! In some ways, it could be considered as a superpower as well.


However, he didn’t have any time to test and could only put it aside. The most important thing right now was to assign his property points which had to go to his dexterity. He always believed in dexterity being very important since if he could react faster, it would also increase his attack power, as well as fighting flexibility.


However, he hesitated.


He realized that focusing on a single property or skill was a mistake. He remembered how he’d felt helpless in many battles before when he wanted to increase his speed, but couldn’t do so because of his physical condition. Right now he had 12-points in dexterity which meant he was 2.25 times faster than an ordinary person. That’s why he should be able to act faster, but unfortunately, things did not go the way he wanted them to.


He guessed that even if he assigned more points to dexterity, it would not help much with his physical condition. He hesitated for quite a while and, in the end, assigned the property points to ‘Energy’. Once it was done, he immediately felt the heat circulating inside his body, and his muscles were shrinking and expanding. After a while, his muscles became more firm and all the flabby fat was gone. The muscles on his back and chest became more firm. The whole process took only about two seconds and then he was back to normal.


Previously, he had looked quite buff as he used to work out and train himself. However, he became skinnier now and was lucky that he was wearing a shirt. Otherwise, he’d scare away the people around him once they noticed an extreme change in his body size.


Huang Jiahui looked at him with a weird look but she couldn’t tell what had changed. She just felt odd.



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