Epoch of Twilight – Chapter 28

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Death Seeker


The sound of the bomb faded after half an hour, but Luo Yuan felt cold instead of being relieved. It wasn’t easy to vanish such a big group of bugs in a short period of time. The only possible explanation could be that Donghu City was defeated and was now controlled by the bugs. And a helpless city would be like a huge abandoned granary to the bugs. That was why Luo Yuan felt anxious and sick.


The security during the war was always a fragile and unstable thing. It was likely to be easily destroyed, just like those sand arts at the beach. Perhaps the only way for Luo Yuan to feel safe again was to get himself upgraded. He only had to kill another five bugs to complete the mission. A property point and five skill bonus points would be enough to upgrade his overall power, and then he would no longer need to be afraid of those bugs.


He couldn’t continue staying in the room once he thought about upgrading himself and said, “I’m going out, are you coming with me?”


Zhao Tianming asked, “Brother Luo, it’s very dangerous outside and here is safer for us. Why would you want to leave?”


“I don’t want to stay here forever!” Luo Yuan replied.


Cao Qianqian got up slowly and said, “I, I want to follow you!”


She understood that Luo Yuan was the only reason why they were all still alive. If he insisted on leaving and Cao Qianqian wanted to stay alive, then it was best to follow him. Besides that, the room wasn’t safe anymore with the broken door. The green bugs might come anytime and the three of them would not be able to fight them off without Luo Yuan.


“Xiao Luo, could you, could you send me home? My daughter is alone at home,” Huang Jiahui begged him.


Luo Yuan shook his head. He noted Hung Jiahui’s hopelessness and calmly added, “We can’t go now. There are many bugs outside, so it’s too dangerous. We’ll have to wait until the bugs leave.”


Huang Jiahui teared up and quickly said, “Thank you so much! I really don’t know what I can do for you. I really appreciate it!” Luo Yuan had left a very good impression on her as he had once taken a risk to search for his housemate in the forest which might have costed him his life. She knew that people similar to Luo Yuan were almost extinct, hence she believed in him even if he didn’t make any promises.


“Just a small matter. I believe your daughter will be fine,” Luo Yuan said, waving his hand.


Cao Qianqian had also considered asking Luo Yuan to send her home. However, she just moved her lips for a few seconds but didn’t ask for it. She wasn’t as close as Huang Jiahui to him and she couldn’t find any reason for him to send her home. When she thought about this, she seemed to be jealous on Huang Jiahui and blamed herself on not knowing Luo Yuan earlier.


The two women were willing to follow Luo Yuan, and Zhao Tianming would definitely not stay here alone.


Once the leaving problem was solved, Luo Yuan chopped off a few sharp legs from the green bugs and gave it to them as weapons. Those legs from the green bugs were the strongest part of their bodies and were even stronger than some of the metals. It was really a miracle, knowing that it came from a mutated animal.


When everything was ready, Luo Yuan tried to listen to what was happening outside the door. He told Zhao Tianming to move away the tables once he confirmed that there were no more bugs in the corridor. Zhao Tianming happily did as told and opened the door. Luo Yuan checked again before stepping out and realized the fifth floor was empty as he didn’t see any bugs there. He turned back and said, “Let’s go! This floor seems to be safe, so we should go down to the other one and see!”


“Brother Luo, can I go to the toilet first?” Cao Qianqian asked shyly as her pants were wet and made her feel uncomfortable.


Luo Yuan nodded his head and said, “Anyone else who wants to go to the toilet please hurry up! And also be careful as the green bugs might fly in through the windows.”


Zhao Tianming wanted to go but he canceled his plans after listening to what Luo Yuan said just now.


Cao Qianqian was a scared of the bugs as well but she really needed to clean herself. In the end, she forced herself to enter the toilet and then came out quickly after cleaning up.


Luo Yuan looked at her for a few seconds as she took off her pants and wrapped herself with the big blazer. However, the blazer was just enough to cover her butt and pubic region, leaving her fair legs exposed which caught the attention of Luo Yuan.


Cao Qianqian sensed his gaze and felt shy but happy. She then looked at Luo Yuan for a moment. She always felt proud about her legs as she used to take good care of them. Huang Jiahui was quite old and couldn’t defeat her here. Cao Qianqian walked toward Luo Yuan, and tried to talk to him. “Brother Luo, what are we going to do at the 3rd floor?”


“We are going to kill the green bugs since we can’t stay in this f*cking place forever. We need to go home,” Luo Yuan said calmly.


Cao Qianqian admired him as she felt a guy like Luo Yuan was a real man. Most of the people tried their best to avoid the green bugs but Luo Yuan took the initiative to kill them. And then, she had a crush on Luo Yuan.


“Even if Luo Yuan pushed her down on the floor now, she would just go with the flow,” Zhao Tianming speculated after noticing the scene. His heart burned but he lowered his head, trying to hide his emotions. The four of them walked to the end of the staircase and stayed alert.


The walkway was very quiet, but after taking a few steps they heard someone screaming downstairs. Very soon that person screamed out in pain and they could hear gunfire.


“There are people on the third floor, let’s go,” Luo Yuan said. He immediately rushed to the third floor and saw a woman covered in blood run toward him.


“Lan Lan, what’s happening?” Cao Qianqian asked, covering her mouth.


The woman lifted her head up and upon seeing someone she knew, she immediately shouted out, “Qianqian, run! Hurry up! There are green bugs!”


She didn’t intend to stop and wanted to continue running, however, Luo Yuan stopped her by holding her arm and she immediately struggled crazily. “Ahhhh! Why are you holding me!? Let me go! Let me go!”


Luo Yuan was annoyed when he saw her trying to attack him. He then pushed her onto the floor and said, “Cao Qianqian, you take care of her then.”


Zhang Lan quickly got up from the ground and wanted to run away but Cao Qianqian pulled her back. The woman almost went crazy and shouted, “Are you guys crazy? I’ve told you there are bugs! Don’t drag me along if you want to die!”




Huang Jiahui walked toward her and gave her a slap. “You shut up now!” Huang Jiahui told Zhang Lan to keep quiet.


The woman was stunned and stopped struggling, then began to cry. “All of you are bad people! Chen Xueyan is dead, and our security guard is also dead. All of them are dead, and it’s my turn now! I don’t want to die!”


“Can you ask her how many bugs are there?” Luo Yuan asked.


Only when Zhang Lan calmed down did she realize all of them were holding a green stick which looked very familiar, though she couldn’t recall where she’d seen that object before. Besides that, all of them didn’t seem to be afraid, especially the guy who had talked to Cao Qianqian. He looked very calm and confident, so was probably the leader of the group.


She was quite smart and didn’t wait for Cao Qianqian to ask and said, “There were two, they came in from the window but I locked them inside the Integrated Management Office.”


“You guys wait here and I’ll go check on it,” Luo Yuan said.


“Brother Luo, let me follow you. Perhaps I can help when you need it.” Zhao Tianming knew it wouldn’t be safe to stay there, so he might as well follow Luo Yuan.


“No, thanks. I’m worried I can’t take care of you,” Luo Yuan rejected.


He then walked away with his knife. After just a few minutes of walking, Luo Yuan already heard the sound of bones being chewed. He slowed down his footsteps and walked carefully, even slowing down his breathing. He arrived at the doorstep of a room and saw some reddish brown liquid flow out from the door gap at the bottom. It smelled awful, and he quickly stepped back.


He raised his head and looked at the signboard, “Integrated Management Department”.


“I see. It’s here. Luckily that lady remembered to close the door, so at least I can prepare myself before attacking the bugs.” He was actually still afraid when he recalled the dangerous scene of him fighting two bugs at the same time. He took a deep breath and then banged at the door. Both of the bugs were having a feast beside a dead body each. They were both shocked by the loud sound produced by Luo Yuan. At first, they stepped back and became alert. However, they relaxed when they found out that it was just a better food, someone alive.


One of the bugs screamed happily and left no longer fresh food behind. The other one didn’t respond and continued its feast in the corner.


It was quite pitiful of them not to know the differences between different types of  food. Some food was soft and easy to chew, while another could be very hard and break one’s teeth. Luo Yuan was slightly relieved when he saw only one bug trying to attack. He instantly took his knife and struck on the bug’s head before it could respond.


The bug fell onto the floor and kept shaking for a while. Luo Yuan immediately brought his knife along and rushed toward the other bug which was still eating a dead body. The bug was shocked when it noticed Luo Yuan, but it was too late for it to respond. He wanted to attack Luo Yuan but Luo Yuan’s knife was already cutting through its mouth, brain, and forelimbs.


Luo Yuan pulled out his knife from the mouth of the bug and tried to clean off the greenish liquid. He whispered, “Three more to go.” He looked at the dead bodies on the floor, a male and a female. Both of their abdomens were opened and the intestines were flowing out.


The female one was still alive, her eyes wide open and tears rolling down her cheeks. She was mumbling softly but when she opened her mouth to speak, a mouthful of black blood gushed out. She smiled pitifully and begged him with her eys.


“I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do for you.” Luo Yuan sighed as he knew there’d be no difference even if he sent her to the hospital.


The woman shook her head and he noticed she was drawing something on the floor with her finger. She was trying to deliver a message. Luo Yuan bent down and checked, the word was slanted but he could still read it, it was the character for death.


She wanted him to end the pain.


Luo Yuan agreed, “Alright!” The woman grinned and closed her eyes. Luo Yuan took a deep breath and aimed for the spot where her heart was, but then he hesitated.


He had killed at least seven to eight people before, but this woman was different. Perhaps Luo Yuan respected life and didn’t want to kill someone who was innocent. His forehead was sweaty and his hand shook as he was suffered trying to make the decision. When he was about to force himself, the woman had already died.


Luo Yuan was relieved. He noticed there was a gun nearby and picked it up. He also found a few bullets on the dead body of the security guard. He then left the room with his new possessions.


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