Epoch of Twilight – Chapter 27

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“Not bad!” Luo Yuan said.


Zhao Tianming was surprised by the compliment. He got up from the ground and bowed down slightly. He never did that even in front of his superiors. However, the second phrase from Luo Yuan was truly horrifying.


“Please do what you did just now when the bugs come again.”


Zhao Tianming didn’t dare to reject and forcefully said, “Alright.”


Luo Yuan didn’t bother with his sincerity. What mattered was that he could follow what Luo Yuan said. He walked toward the head of the green bug and saw some greenish liquid all over the floor. It smelled pungent.


Luo Yuan chopped off the green bug’s head while its body was outside the door. The mouth of the head was still moving even after being detached from the body. Luo Yuan used his knife to tap on its eyes and heard a sound-


“Png! Png”.


It was like knocking on a rock.


Huang Jihui walked closer to Luo Yuan and squatted beside him. “Wow! Its eyes are so beautiful, its like there are a few little stars inside,” she said.


Cao Qianqian hesitated but still went closer to check it out. She was afraid but also curious about the insect’s head.


Luo Yuan suddenly got up.


“What’s wrong?” Huang Jiahui asked nervously.


Luo Yuan tried to focus and listened carefully. “More are coming, a total of four bugs! Watch out!” he warned them.


Cao Qianqian was shocked while Zhao Tianming became very pale. One was bad enough but now there were four!


“Jiahui, Cao Qianqian and Zhao Tianming, all of you please press against the door. We should follow the plan that Tianming did just now. Let them come in one by one and then leave them to me,” Luo Yuan instructed them. He was only shaken by the first attacker and was now in control of the situation.


“Alright!” Cao Qianqian replied.


“Xiao Luo, are you sure? There are four of them,” Huang Jiahui asked anxiously.


“As long as the door isn’t broken, four is almost the same as one. Therefore, you must hold the door properly, and if they really break in, you better pray they are all vegetarian.”


Cao Qianqian was badly frightened and her body begun to shake. She might have collapsed if Huang Jiahui didn’t support her.


The four bugs were hungry and very soon they arrived at the doorstep. It was natural for them to hunt for food even if there was dead corpse of their buddy lying in the way. One of the huge ones squeezed through its friends and slipped its head between the gap where the blade was just right above its head. The bug desperately chewed the internal organs of its buddy.


The other three made way for the aggressive one and attacked the other parts of the body. They easily broke the shell and a lot of greenish liquid spilled everywhere. The big bug was eaten by its buddies. In less than a minute, there was nothing left.


Apparently, a green bug wasn’t enough for the four of them, and their antennas sensed something more delicious. One of the bigger bugs raised its head and made a sound.


“Glru, glru.”


It then poked through the wooden door and made a loud explosive noise. The next second, its legs hit the wall and left four holes in it.


The door was hit hard, and the other green bugs also did the same. However, the wooden door was too small for all the green bugs. It could only fit two. So two of the less dominant bugs were left anxiously waiting behind, their legs continuously scratching the floor tiles. This created a lot of long and deep marks.


The door kept opening and closing as both the bugs and the humans were trying to open and close the door at the same time. That was a battle for survival in which the defeated party was going to die.


However, after a while, the gap got bigger as most of them were exhausted. “I can’t continue anymore, I have no more energy,” Cao Qianqian cried out in fear.


“Please be persistent if you don’t want to die. Otherwise, the bugs will come in!” Zhao Tianming tried to convince her. “Don’t panic, relax… relax…”


Luo Yuan tried his best to calm down and held his knife tightly. Perhaps fear could help to unleash some powerful skills but it could also cause one to feel numb and stunned for a long period of time. If Luo Yuan also expressed this emotions, the other three would not be able to continue fighting. He knew all of them would die once the four bugs broke into the meeting room.


Cao Qianqian felt slightly better and more energetic. Suddenly, there was a strong force hitting the door which left a big hole in it. Two bugs from the group immediately squeezed into the room and everyone began to scream. Cao Qianqian was horrified and fell to the ground. Yellowish liquid dripped onto her body and it smelled awful. It was beyond everyone’s expectations to fight two bugs at the same time.


Luo Yuan felt numbness in his back but quickly lifted his knife and then attacked the weak spots of one of the bugs. The first bug was busy looking for more food and neglected Luo Yuan’s existence which caused it to lose its life. It screamed out its pain but could barely move anymore. Luo Yuan immediately went closer and struck its back to make a long and deep wound.


The other bug noticed that something was wrong. It shook its body and extended two of its forelimbs.




The action of its forelimbs extending made a sound which caused Luo Yuan to become dizzy. He tried to evade the forelimbs of the bug as they struck at his chest and scratched the snakeskin vest. All its scales shattered into small pieces and fell to the floor. And now the snakeskin bulletproof vest owned by Luo Yuan was exposed.


Only Huang Jiahui was still conscious and yelled, “Close the door! Close the door!”


Zhao Tianming looked at the two green bugs in the room and shivered. He quickly pushed the door and closed it. Cao Qianqian also quickly got up from the ground. It was felt like a long time but the whole scene had happened in only a few seconds.


The bug which had been attacked by Luo Yuan was furious. Luo Yuan rushed to the bug again with his knife and attacked its left shoulder before it could even respond. The bug almost split into two pieces and finally fell to the floor.


Luo Yuan felt relieved for a second. However, he realized the other bug wasn’t dead yet and immediately gave it another strike to kill it. He breathed heavily from exhaustion.


Although the fight was just a few seconds of work, it was a very dangerous battle which required his full concentration. They would’ve all died if he’d been careless.


The three were doing their very best to hold the door when they noticed the room was quiet. That made them tense up. The two arrogant bugs were lying in a puddle of greenish liquid, slaughtered in a way they were almost split in two.


Everyone was amazed as they looked at Luo Yuan who was breathing heavily while leaning against the wall. Huang Jiahui couldn’t believe that Luo Yuan had just killed the two crazy bugs so easily.


“Luo… Yuan, shall we let the other two enter the room?” Zhao Tianming suddenly asked.


“Let them in, but one by one. If I had reacted just a bit slower, we would have died,” Luo Yuan said calmly.


Cao Qianqian felt shameful and said, “I’m sorry.”If she hadn’t taken a rest, the door wouldn’t have opened and the bugs wouldn’t have come in.


Luo Yuan wanted to scold her very badly but if he did it now, then it would be bad for the situation. He helplessly shook his head and said, “I believe most people would react that way, be more careful next time.”


Cao Qianqian was very grateful and the way she viewed Luo Yuan changed slightly. Perhaps the presence of Luo Yuan could help boost the courage and confidence of these people.


Things got smoother after that and the other two bugs didn’t create any big problems under the supervision of the three of them. Luo Yuan managed to kill the two bugs. All of their dead bodies were dragged into the meeting room to avoid attracting more bugs.


Huang Jiahui sat down on a bench and saw a puddle of water further in the room. She asked, “Is there any water in the room? I’m thirsty.”


Zhao Tianming knew what was going on just now and said, “Oops, I think you can try asking Qianqian.”


Cao Qianqian was too embarrassed to reply and quickly took off her blazer to cover her lower body.


Huang Jiahui immediately understood what had happened and stared at Zhao Tianming. “Female urinary tracts are shorter than men’s, and that’s why we can’t hold it for too long. Is that a problem? You weren’t performing as good as the females just now, too,” Huang Jiahui scolded him.


Zhao Tianming didn’t dare to mess with Huang Jiahui and quickly said, “I was just trying to lighten the atmosphere.”


Suddenly, all of them heard the sound of a bomb and they could feel its vibration. Huang Jiahui was shocked and quickly got up from the bench. She dialed her phone a few times but no one picked up on the other side. She looked very pale.


Zhao Tianming and Cao Qianqian took out their phones to call as well, but similarly, no one answered their calls. They became anxious.


“What do you think is happening outside?” Huang Jiahui asked Luo Yuan.


Luo Yuan shook his head and said, “Don’t ask me, I have no idea.”


Such a big group of bugs had arrived in Donghu city, who would be willing to believe they were just passing by. The whole city had already collapsed. It was no different from hell.


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