Epoch of Twilight – Chapter 18

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A Night With A Wolf


The room was very quiet and they could clearly hear noises from the outside. Yet the small room seemed to be separated from that world which made the two feel lonely and forgotten by the rest.


“Are you going to fall asleep?” Zhao Yali asked anxiously.


“Yes, soon. What’s up?” Luo Yuan replied impatiently as he was exhausted from the fights he’d had throughout the day. He could literally fall asleep instantly.  


“I can’t sleep,” Zhao Yali said, energized by hearing his voice.


“But I’m going to fall asleep soon. Let’s talk tomorrow, I’m tired.” Luo Yuan did not want to continue the conversation anymore.


A few minutes later, Zhao Yali called him again, “Yuan! Yuan?”


“What’s up!?” Luo Yuan asked, annoyed.


The room was silent for a few seconds. “Why don’t you sleep here?” Zhao Yali asked with a sobbing voice. Every time she closed her eyes, the blood scene repeated in her head. She almost fainted.


Luo Yuan opened his eyes and said insincerely, “This is not appropriate, though!”


“Don’t worry, the bed is big enough for two. But, you’re not allowed to touch me!” Zhao Yali said, biting her sexy lip.


“Alright, I’ll go over then,” Luo Yuan agreed and switched on the torchlight on his phone. He saw Zhao Yali’s curved body at the corner of a blanket. He then flipped the blanket and squeezed underneath it. Immediately he smelled her aroma which was charming enough to make him feel ‘thirsty’.


He was a healthy young man and that was an active period for a man. So how could he not have any reaction when a beautiful lady slept right beside him? He began to feel uneasy as his blood started to boil. He hesitated for a while and then his hands began to explore in the dark. Suddenly, his hand slipped and landed on one of her thighs.


Zhao Yali’s body shook a little and she quickly pressed on his hand to stop him. “Yuan, don’t move,” she told him, breathing heavily.


“I didn’t do it intentionally,” he lied.


30 seconds later.


“Yuan, you promised me that you won’t touch me!” she said helplessly. She could not stop him at all.


“Yali, you’re amazing, I can’t resist,” Luo Yuan said softly.


Her body was getting hot. She exhaled a hot breath and said, “You shouldn’t do this!”


Luo Yuan ignored her and continued to explore.


“Yuan, how could you do this?” Zhao Yali felt shy and her face was as hot as a cooked crab. She moaned and covered her own face. She sighed helplessly in the dark as she had no more energy to stop it. She could not think anymore for she was too exhausted from the tiring escape during the day, and fell asleep in the next few seconds.


The next morning, Zhao Yali woke up from her dream. She was recalling something, and subconsciously, she touched her pubic region and suddenly her cheeks became red. She noticed that her pubic region was dry and there was some mud around the area. “I must be crazy! How could I do that?” She felt like killing herself when she recalled what she had done with Luo Yuan last night. She used both her hands to support her chin and later slowly put on her clothes. “Would I get pregnant? Although my period has just ended and it’s far from ovulation, it could still be quite risky,” Zhao Yali thought in her mind.


She left the room and proceeded to the living room. Both of the house owners were hiding in the kitchen and peeping at the backyard. Zhao Yali was curious, so she turned her attention to the backyard and saw Luo Yuan practicing his knife skills. He emphasized on the practical part, and used every single point of upgrade to increase his power to attack better. There was nothing fancy in his skills but every strike was powerful enough to kill, and it made people keep a distance.


Zhao Yali felt uncomfortable simply by watching him from afar. Although she had seen him fight many times, Luo Yuan almost always finished in a very short time. She could not remember his skills exactly but she knew they were quite good overall. Only now she understood how truly skillful he was.


A few minutes later, Luo Yuan finished his training. He looked at Zhao Yali and asked, “You’re awake?”


Zhao Yali avoided looking at him and replied, “Yes.”


“Well rested?” Luo Yuan tried to find something to talk to her.


Zhao Yali stared at him for a few seconds and refused to talk. Luo Yuan felt awkward and pretended to change topics. “Go get yourself ready for breakfast. We should leave before the rain comes.”


Zhao Yali agreed and walked toward the bathroom. The hosts could not wait to send Luo Yuan and Zhao Yali away from their house.


Yesterday had been sunny but today promised to be a gloomy day. The sky was still grayish even though it was almost 9 am. It was going to rain soon.


“How far away is your home?” Luo Yuan asked.


“I’m not sure. I only know it took about 20 minutes to drive and then another 10 to reach the place on foot,” Zhao Yali replied after thinking about it.


“Let’s see what we can do. I think we’ll need to walk if we can’t get a cab,” Luo Yuan said.


They arrived at the transport station and were disappointed. The road was empty, without a car in sight.


“I don’t think we’ll be able to get a car. The incident from yesterday was a big case, so the road is probably closed for investigation or cleaning,” Luo Yuan said. “We’ll need to rely on our legs then.”


They walked separately, one striding at the front and the other behind. The incident from last night seemed to be bothering them. In fact, they were trying to control their emotions and make things return to normal between them.


Zhao Yali looked at Luo Yuan who was walking ahead of her and felt uneasy. She was ashamed of herself as her fiance had just passed away barely two weeks ago, and she had already slept with another guy.


Worst of all, she had enjoyed it, which was something she had never felt when she was with her fiance. She felt so guilty and regretful. Suddenly, she asked Luo Yuan, “When are you going back to Donghu city?”


Luo Yuan was shocked and replied, “I’ll go back once you reach home. I’m worried about the things I kept in the house.”


Although Zhao Yali had expected his departure and it was also what she wanted in the first place, for some reason she felt disappointed when he said that. She lowered her head and continued walking, faster than before, and kicking stones along the road to relieve her anger.


Suddenly, there were seven or eight people who came out from a factory nearby. They held iron bars, short knives, and other similar weapons. There were weird expressions on their faces when they saw Luo Yuan and Zhao Yali, and they seemed to be planning something. After a while, they began to laugh and walk toward Luo Yuan and Zhao Yali.


Luo Yuan looked at them and frowned. He told Zhao Yali to stay further away. “Those are bad people, so you stay here.”


Only then did Zhao Yali notice them. She raised her head up and quickly backed away a few steps from shock. She asked, “Will we be alright?”


Luo Yuan replied with confidence, “Yes, it shouldn’t be a big problem.”


The way they walked showed that they were just some useless jerks who were good at bullying normal citizens. They were too lousy to be Luo Yuan’s opponents. Zhao Yali felt relieved after hearing her companion’s words.


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