Epoch of Twilight – Chapter 131

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The Destiny of The Heaven’s Pillar Tree

Wang Shishi felt as if the world had ended as she witnessed Luo Yuan vomit blood. She stopped thinking and rushed towards him. She was deeply hurt but was unable to cry. In that split second, Wang Shishi had forgotten about everything- fear, death, and even the beasts around her. Unfortunately for her, the beasts continued to run towards Luo Yuan who was lying on the ground. Wang Shishi was in a tensed situation and her power and emotions suddenly exploded together causing her to release a loud roar like a beast!


An immense power rushed out from her body, instantly spreading everywhere. The wave caused the surrounding sand and stones to fly into the air causing the people who had followed behind her to get injured by her power. Her shuttle came out from her pocket and was elevated up to the sky causing a high pitched sound. In a split second, the shuttle flew down towards the group of beasts and penetrated the head of a wolf-like creature. Its body shook for a second before falling down. The shuttle then continued its attack on the other beasts killing them one by one.


Wang Shishi kept screaming until her face turned pale. The shuttle continued flying at an intense speed which could not be seen by the naked eye. The dead bodies of the beasts soon formed a hill of carcasses. The remaining beasts stopped moving forward as they were afraid of Wang Shishi. In this moment, Wang Shishi had become very efficient at killing. She was even more efficient than Luo Yuan.

Suddenly, the ground began trembling vigorously. The earthquake had interrupted her powers, causing her to fall onto the ground. Wang Shishi struggled to get back to her feet. The highway was splitting and some parts of the road had even collapsed.


The earthquake grew stronger and it felt as if the whole world was shaking at this point. Wang Shishi continued to roll on the ground as she was unable to stand up causing her skin to get injured and scratched.

The beasts were facing difficulties as well- the earthquake caused them to stop their migration and they could only roar hopelessly. Smoke continued to fill the air and the leaves of the Heaven’s Pillar Tree wilted as they fell. Its trunk was shrinking too.

Something amazing could be seen on the tree though. When its barks fell off, a new layer could be seen inside. It was as if blood could be seen flowing inside the tree itself! The flower buds were growing on the tips from where the leaves had fallen. The tree was evolving! During such a difficult time, it tried to absorb the heat from underground in order to reduce the impact of the disaster. But unfortunately, it could not compete against the power of nature.


A very loud sound came from the sky which sounded like an explosion!

Lava came gushing out from underground and instantly shot up thousands of meters above the sky. The opening of the volcano was just 10 meters away from the Heaven’s Pillar Tree and the power of the eruption was massive as it pulled out the Heaven’s Pillar Tree together with its roots which were a hundred meters deep into the ground.

The highway was extremely near the Heaven’s Pillar Tree as well. Most of the roads had collapsed, including the place where Huang Jiahui was standing at earlier. Luckily, she was able to grab onto a steel bar and hung there, but her hand was injured and continued to bleed. Huo Dong and Ning Xiaoran fell 7-8 meters down onto a bunch of rocks. When the earthquake subsided, Huo Dong slowly stood up and realized that he did not suffer any severe injuries after checking his body. But… the rock under Ning Xiaoran was covered with blood. He quickly shouted, “Ning Xiaoran! Are you alright? Wake up! Wake up, please!”

Ning Xiaoran did not move at all and her face was pale. Huo Dong knew something was wrong. He took a deep breath and turned her body around. He noticed a very sharp stone had penetrated her head and a lot of blood was coming out.

“Wake up!!! Ning Xiaoran!!! Don’t die on us!!!” Huo Dong was talking to himself while crying.

Ning Xiaoran was always nice to everyone even after she became evolved. Everyone treated her like their younger sister and no one would have guessed that she would be the first one to leave them.


Luo Yuan already had woken up before the volcano erupted but he did not move an inch even from the intense earthquake. He looked perfectly fine and his heart continued beating normally. His body was recovering slowly. He could feel his legs connected with the earth and a strong energy was transmitted through his legs which moved all around his body.

“Understanding of the Earth.”


“You have obtained a bonus power from the earth- it will give you endless energy and rapid recovery abilities, however, it will consume a lot from your power of sensitivity until it is fully depleted.”

The sound of the system crept into his mind.

Surprisingly, Luo Yuan wasn’t excited at all. He observed his surroundings and slowly lifted his leg and let it down again. The ground shook a little but it was not the same as the earthquake. He stopped and thought of something, and repeated his action again. This time the ground did not shake. He realized the earth would not shake as long as he did not step on it following the beat of his heart which was now connected to the earth.

He quickly rushed to Wang Shishi’s who had already fainted. Thankfully, she was not injured badly. Luo Yuan carried her to an empty space and found Cao Lin and Chen Jianfeng, as well as Lin Xiaoji. Afterward, he also pulled Huang Jiahui out.

He looked down into another affected area and noticed Huo Dong was still alive but Ning Xiaoran had passed away. However, he could not feel sad at all. He realized his emotions had faded away making him become extremely rational. He did not manage to help pull Huo Dong up as he had fallen too deep inside.


Everyone was stunned and stared at Luo Yuan. They could not believe that 10 minutes ago he almost died and suddenly he was standing in front of them again perfectly fine. Huang Jiahui was stunned for a second, and then said, “Your… your body…” Luo Yuan shook his head and said, “I’m fine. Get a wet cloth and cover your mouth. There is too much poisonous smoke here from the volcanic ashes. I’m going to find the lizard.”


“But there is no water left.” Lin Xiaoji said.

“Use your urine.” Luo Yuan said coldly as he walked away.

Luo Yuan found the lizard stuck in a big hole. It was struggling to climb out over the thousands of dead carcasses and kept falling back down as the walls of the hole were too steep for its heavy body.

Luo Yuan pushed several big rocks into the big hole and the lizard used the rocks to climb out of the hole. As soon as it escaped, it remained still as it was severely injured and exhausted. Another huge volcano had erupted nearby and lava continued to flow out. The sky slowly became covered with dark clouds and smoke again. The air was filled with choking volcanic ashes and the ground was quickly covered by a thick layer of ashes. The huge Heaven’s Pillar Tree had fallen to the ground and perished in the lava.


The beasts began to continue their migration.


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