Epoch of Twilight – Chapter 130

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The giant lizard became frustrated and insecure. It continued roaring loudly. Fortunately, it was extremely loyal to Luo Yuan, otherwise, it would have certainly joined the huge group of beasts that escaped. Luo Yuan was feeling extremely uncomfortable and filled with tension as he observed the massive pack of mutated beasts.

A huge hairless gorilla with an awful body scent was rushing towards Luo Yuan after it had evaded the lizard. The gorilla was hunting for its next meal, but it never imagined that there was something more deadly than the lizard in front of it. Right before it could grab its victim, Luo Yuan had sliced both of its ribcage and heart into two, releasing spurts of blood.

As he gazed upon the horde of beasts, he screamed as he rushed towards them with his knife. He transformed all his fear and anxiety into hatred and began killing them swiftly. There were many different levels of beasts and most of them were dark blue rank. The combined strength of these beasts was enough to destroy a city. However, their speed and agility could not match the knife in Luo Yuan’s hand.

Luo Yuan sliced every single beast into pieces with his knife. After the chaos had subsided, everyone looked towards the east and was shocked by what they had just witnessed. No one could imagine that one man was enough to defeat the horde of beasts. Wang Xiaguang and Huang Jiahui could only see Luo Yuan in their eyes.

It all looked really easy for Luo Yuan. Every single kill was perfect and flawless. Suddenly, a giant snake which was cut into two attempted to attack him from the back. Luo Yuan was able to sense the danger and quickly avoided its bite before slaying the snake.

The remaining beasts were smart enough to sense the danger before them and quickly escaped. Everyone felt relieved but suddenly heard a gunshot. Luo Yuan turned his head towards the front and saw another group of beasts coming out from the bushes again. It was endless! Many of the white and blue rank mutated beasts were stampeded into squash meat as the beasts were all rushing to escape.

Luo Yuan was drowning in a sea of blood as he slaughtered more than 10 beasts with his knife every second. All the dead carcasses had covered up the road of the highway. Luo Yuan was sweating profusely. He was exhausted and stepped back.

The lizard was attacked by the other beasts. The huge horde of beasts stampeded on it as it was struggling to escape. Luo Yuan was extremely frustrated watching his pet suffer as he could not save it.

Suddenly, bullets rained from the sky and eliminated most of the beasts. When the bullets from the canons had stopped, thousands of dead carcasses could be seen scattered all over the place.

Luo Yuan rushed towards the remaining gigantic beasts and killed all of them. He then walked towards the lizard which was struggling to stand up. It was severely injured but the battle against the beasts was not over. Another group of mutated beasts could be seen in the distance running towards their direction and the area with the Heaven’s Pillar Tree was covered in smoke. Suddenly, a loud sound could be heard. There was a big crack further in front which slowly spread towards both sides of the highway and caused a bigger disorder amongst the beasts.

Luo Yuan felt hopeless about the situation. He was extremely exhausted and started turning pale. He could see that the God of Death was waiting for him. The lizard had also lost its determination to fight.



He suddenly thought of running away by riding on his lizard as it was possible for him to escape and join the migration. However, the circumstances of his decision would mean losing Huang Jiahui, Wang Shishi, and Wang Xiaguang as they would probably die. He was struggling with this difficult decision.

All of a sudden, the cannons came back again just before the beasts were about to hit Luo Yuan. Blood splattered all over his face. “Bloody beasts! I need to kill as many of you as I can before I die!!” Luo Yuan yelled with determination.

The cannons had stopped after a while but the beasts continued approaching. Luo Yuan looked extremely pale and was having difficulty breathing with blood gushing out from his mouth. He was hit several times and was even stepped on by a dark blue mutated beast which caused his ribs to fracture. Luckily, he was able to chop off its legs before being completely crushed.

The outpost was full of cracks due to the continuous attacks by the beasts. Luo Yuan could feel his lungs boiling as he was getting weaker. Suddenly, a dark blue mutated beast appeared and rushed towards him. Luo Yuan panicked, and in a split second was kicked into the air, he could hear his bones crack as he fell onto the ground. He tried to stand up, but could not as he spat out a large mouthful of blood filled with some pieces of his internal organs.

The lizard rushed to rescue Luo Yuan and attacked the dark blue mutated beast to protect its master, who was heavily injured. Unfortunately, it was being stampeded on from the horde of beasts again. Luo Yuan was helpless as he was lying on the ground, unable to move. Wang Shishi and Huang Jiahui immediately rushed out from the outpost. Luo Yuan could not care anymore as he looked towards the sky powerlessly.

“Am I going to die soon? It may not be such a bad thing actually.”

As he lay on the ground and took his final breath, he slowly fell asleep as his heart slowly stopped beating. Suddenly, he could hear another heartbeat. The heartbeat was coming from underground. His soul became captivated by the sound of the heartbeat, as his heart gradually began beating again.

“Lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub.”


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