Epoch of Twilight – Chapter 127

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Airflow Balancing

After staring at the lizard for a while, Luo Yuan realised that it would take some time for it to completely evolve so he decided to divert his focus to other things first. He walked to the giant bird’s carcass and noticed that a few spears had been completely shattered- leaving just a few good ones left. He was surprised as he did not expect that such powerful short spears which were made from the Haunted Locust Tree had actually been destroyed this easily. He thought it would at least be able to be reused.


Luo Yuan had actually underestimated the power of his throws. A five pound short spear thrown at supersonic speed generates an inherent kinetic energy of around 200,000J- which is equivalent to dropping a 20,000kg object from about 10 meters. Though the giant bird had a strong level of defense, Luo Yuan noticed that all its feathers had been shredded at the spots where the spears had hit it- revealing bare skin which was full of blood.


Luo Yuan pulled out his Zhanmadao and cut through the tough layer of skin and muscle- exposing the internal organs of the giant bird. He saw that its internal organs had been ruptured, especially those located near to its skin.


No wonder it fell from the sky… In addition to the effect of the short spears, the main reason was due to the serious internal injuries it already had.” Luo Yuan thought.


He suddenly felt that perhaps there was no need to synthesize the short spears anymore. In order to hurt the huge mutated creatures, a small wound seemed far less effective than a blunt hit. Furthermore, short spears are supposed to be used repeatedly to have the best effect but the quantity that Luo Yuan had was far from enough. He now had only eight left- sufficient to cope for only one or two more battles. Short spears, as a long-range weapon, are especially useful in this area full of mutated birds. Unfortunately, Luo Yuan couldn’t find a suitable materials to synthesise them anymore. He decided to leave it aside first and come back to it later.


“Luo Yuan, are you hurt?” Huang Jiahui asked as she ran to him from afar, followed by several other people.


“I am alright. We are quite lucky this time.” Luo Yuan explained. This battle was the easiest one by far as he did not even sweat even though a blue class creatures was killed.


Several people walked in front of Luo Yuan to look at the body of the giant bird but did so with a safe distance. Though the giant bird was dead, it still scared ordinary people away. In fact, this time was better as compared to the last time when they met the mutated snake in Gaotang Town.


Everyone looked at the truck-sized bird and remained shocked. Though they knew that Luo Yuan is very strong, they never witnessed him fighting with a mutated creature. Of course it was killed by the giant lizard, but they realized that Luo Yuan must be very powerful to be its master. There were several evolved humans other than Luo Yuan, but compared to him, they were just like ordinary people.


Luo Yuan looked at his watch and it was already 4pm. Since the lizard was still evolving, it was not convenient for it to keep walking. Luo Yuan said, “Let’s stop here for today… we can rest at the shelter in front.”


Huang Jiahui thought Luo Yuan was tired from the fight and agreed, “It sounds good. We have been eating dried food the whole day. Let’s look for branches or wood so that we can cook soup for dinner.”


“You don’t have to waste time looking for any. I have been observing the surroundings all the way since just now. I didn’t see any suitable wood or branches.” Luo Yuan remarked. He has been paying attention to these things all the way to analyze the properties of the tree, though nothing fell from it.


“We can use the excrements on the ground.” Cao Lin suggested though it was met by some disgusted faces from the rest. She quickly continued, “I meant that we can use dried guano, which should not be too smelly.”


This was the only solution as everyone wanted to have a warm dinner with soup. They agreed and started to look for dried guano despite the bad smell. In actuality, there was nothing much in the surrounding but guano. Before leaving, Luo Yuan cut out some of the internal organs from the giant bird. These were precious ingredients that he would not want to miss. Unfortunately, its head was eaten by the giant lizard. The brain of the mutated creature is the most essential and precious part- the texture is very smooth and soft so it’s very delicious and simple to cook.


The shelter was actually a small army post which was set up every few hundred meters on the highway as a defense against the mutated creatures. It has a very strong wall and thus it looked great from the outside. However, due to the thickness of the wall, it actually has very little space inside it. Luo Yuan and the group walked passed the door and noticed that there were countless palm-sized black insects that sneaked out from inside which scared some of them. When there were no more beetles in sight, Luo Yuan walked in cautiously. There were a lot of bones and uniforms piled up and judging by the number of skeletons, it seemed like there were three people here before. He went onto the second floor and found seven other bodies. This was the number for a complete team. The four cannons were still intact and empty bullets were everywhere on the floor. There were only three unopened boxes of bullets left.


“There is no sign of damage, so this place must have been attacked by small creatures.” Huo Dong said with a pale face.


Luo Yuan nodded. He had a strange feeling and used his senses to constantly scan the surrounding. Suddenly, his face changed. He moved to the side of Wang Xiaguang at lighting speed, firmly holding onto something on the wall next to her. “Pak pak pak” it sounded like something seemed to be whipping on the wall.


“Stay away!” Luo Yuan shouted.  


Wang Xiaguang was frightened and stepped a few steps back. “BANG!” a loud noise was heard and the shelter was shaken a little though they could not see anything. The unknown created fear and everyone was very nervous to see such a strange situation. They held their breath to prevent making any sounds. Luo Yuan pressed on the creature’s body, took out his Zhanmadao and cut it, causing blood to splatter on the wall.  


The mysterious creature struggled for some time, but it slowly stopped moving. It still appeared invisible. This was a mutated snake about two meters long with scaly body. It was like a chameleon which can always change its appearance according to its environment. However, this creature was definitely more dangerous than an ordinary chameleon because it could fully integrate into its surroundings. Luo Yuan could barely sense its existence if it did not move a moment ago.


Wang Shishi wanted to go nearer but was stopped by Luo Yuan,” Don’t come yet, there might be more inside.”


Luo Yuan checked the shelter all over again and managed to discover one more inside.


“What is this? Why is it invisible?” Huang Jiahui asked after Luo Yuan confirmed that it was safe to come in. She was frightened by the sight of the blood.


“Do you know what is a chameleon? This is almost like a chameleon,” Luo Yuan responded. No wonder every ordinary person died once they stepped into the shelter.


Luo Yuan peeled off its skin and finally it was exposed in front of everyone. “We can add these two creatures into our dinner list.” He did a quick analysis on them and other than the poisonous parts, the rest of its bodies were edible. Snake meat tasted the best to Luo Yuan although he grew up afraid of snakes. Cao Lin and Huang Jiahui did not have any dispute on eating them. They took the two dead snakes outside and started to prepare dinner. Huo Dong did not feel comfortable staying alone with Luo Yuan so he left to help with dinner.


Luo Yuan shook his head as he knew that this was the price to pay to be a powerful man. People tended to get scared of him even if he looked friendly and talked nicely. Luo Yuan thought for a while and started to check on the two snake skins.


He performed an analysis:


“Skin of Phantom Snake”

“Rarity: Light Blue.”

“Weight: 6 grams”

“Additional capacity: Able to integrate into the environment. Hidden.”


“Rating: Phantom snakes are born to be predators. It can instantly change its skin color to adapt to any environment and is almost impossible to see with the naked eye. All its capabilities come from its skin.”


The ability to be stealthy was good, but unfortunately it provided a low level of defense. He would need to have shoes, pants, a cap and a jacket, along with a whole set of equipment to cover himself if he wanted to be completely invisible and these two sets of skin were far from enough to make a full set of attire.


Luo Yuan shook his head to snap himself out of his deep thought. There was no rush to have it done now, what was more important was to synthesize the feather from the Storm Bird. Luo Yuan put a few feathers inside his clothes. He whispered the word “synthesize” and soon they turned into ashes. His black clothes turned green. Luo Yuan then picked up a few more and continued synthesising them. By the time he used the third feather, his clothes had completely turned into a dark blue level of equipment so he stopped. He had seven feathers left and still needed them for pants and shoes.


Luo Yuan performed an analysis on his clothes:


“Floating Sportswear.”

“Material: Storm Bird Feathers, Nylon.”

“Rarity: Dark Blue.”

“Weight: 2kg.”

“Defense level: 14-17″

“Additional capacity: Speed, Balance Airflow.”

“Equipment Requirements: None.”


“Evaluation: This is a buoyant magical sportswear which can provide protection against ordinary swords and bullets. It can balance up the airflow even when you are running without the need to worry about air resistance.”


Luo Yuan felt relieved. He was worried about his ability to accelerate in his new clothes so he was glad that his speed will not be reduced while his other capabilities are strengthened. Though he did not know exactly how useful it was, apparently it was much better than the original one he had. He continued to synthesise his pants and shoes. After he completed the process, the bird feathers had fully depleted. Luo Yuan felt much lighter even though the surrounding airflow was extremely calm. Even when he breathed, the air he exhaled dissipated immediately and quietly.


He quickly tested out the clothes by moving around the room a few times at a fast speed and he could hardly feel any air resistance in the room.


Airflow balancing. So this is what it feels to be able to balance airflow.” Luo Yuan thought in his mind.


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