Epoch of Twilight – Chapter 101

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Although the men had experienced the anxiousness and excitement of land clearing, they did not seem to be able to rest in the evening.


After they enjoyed their lunch, they started to move into their new house.


Nobody would complain about having too many things during such dire times. Even a broken chair could be useful as it could be used as firewood. However, they realized that they had too many possessions when they started moving them.


Beds, quilts, furniture, grains, clothes, gasoline, electric generators, spices, woks, bowls… Carrying everything drained both their energy and time.


When they moved it all into the new house, it was around dusk.


Everyone was delighted, but the newcomers even more so, because they no longer had to squeeze in with the rest of them. Men had it better than women because they didn’t experience some of the inconveniences and embarrassments that women did. Women had to avoid others just to go to the bathroom.


The new house was larger than their old one. The empty rooms were enough so two could share one bedroom while a few lucky ones could have a whole room to themselves.


Luo Yuan got the master bedroom. The wedding picture of the previous owners had been thrown in the dustbin, the bedroom had been cleaned and the original quilt had been replaced with a quilt they had brought from their old house.


That wasn’t because the quilt used to belong to a dead man. After all, everyone was familiar with death by now. If death had been a taboo, they might not have been able to eat those mutated beasts in the city as none of them had ever eaten a man before.


Although they had finished moving into their new home, their job was far from done. The whole villa had been preserved perfectly after an attack from a large group of mutated beasts, but all the windows had been broken, so the house was not safe to inhabit yet. Of course Luo Yuan did not expect the villa to protect them from large-sized mutated beasts, but at least prevent smaller dangerous creatures, such as mutated mosquitoes, from entering.


He searched throughout the district and by a stroke of luck, he found a few packs of cement in a small storeroom in an underground parking area. He, Huo Dong and the others collected some bricks, mixed the cement with water and filled the windows, the holes, the air-conditioning pipes and the lampblack absorbers.


When they filled in the last window, the whole house suddenly became as dark as an ancient building, the only natural light source being the open door.


The house might have been dark, but they all felt secure. Lastly, Luo Yuan moved the electric generator to the basement and started it. The generator produced a loud noise, and suddenly the whole villa was lit up.


He had started the electric generator in the basement because he had thought that perhaps the previous owner of the house had an unusual hobby and had designed his basement area to be soundproof. As expected, when he closed the door, most of the noise was muffled.


Meanwhile, in the living room, there was so much excitement that a lot of them were crying out in joy. It had felt like that they’d gone back to the old days when they saw the bright white lights turn on.


Luo Yuan smiled while he looked at everyone in excitement. Even the most demure person could not have controlled their emotions during such a time. They had never expected that they would see the lights on again, just like they had never expected that the lights, which they had taken for granted in the old days, would move them so deeply that day.


“I want to charge my cell phone.” Ning Xiaoran wiped her tears away. She looked like she had just thought of something, and she started rummaging through her pockets, but she could not find her phone. Maybe she had lost it somewhere. She was so worried, she looked close to tears.


“You can use mine!” Cao Lin comforted her while she took her own cell phone out of her pocket, found a plug to charge it, and pressed the switch-on button.


“Yes, yes!” Ning Xiaoran twisted the corner of her shirt while she nodded thankfully. Her eyes were staring at the cell phone, which turned on with a melodious sound.


Soon, the others took out their cell phones too, charging and turning them on.


They were all silent, their excitement replaced by worry and depression.


“Why don’t you go charge your phone?” Luo Yuan asked Huang Jiahui.


“No, it’s alright.” Huang Jiahui gave him a forced smile. “Actually, I could no longer make calls, even before my battery ran out.”


“Brother Luo, could you please lend me your phone? I want to call my parents. Hopefully, I can still reach them,” Wang Shishi, who was standing beside them, suddenly requested. Her little face was somber, as if she was trying to remain calm.


As he looked at this little girl, who was not even 14 years old yet, Luo Yuan felt touched. “Wait, let me get my phone from upstairs.”


Luo Yuan ran to the master bedroom on the second floor, rummaged around and found his cell phone and a charger inside the folder where he’d put miscellaneous things. Then he walked down to the first floor, charged the cell phone and turned it on. He tried to comfort Wang Shishi, “Don’t worry, everything will be alright soon.”


“Brother Luo, you don’t have to comfort me. I’m not holding out much hope anyway. It wouldn’t have taken them so long to look for me if….” Wang Shishi did not finish her sentence. She could no longer control her emotions. She just burst into uncontrollable tears. The rest of her sentence was replaced by the sound of her weeping.


“There’s no signal anymore,” Cao Lin said seriously as she stared at her phone. Immediately, Ning Xiaoran’s face turned pale and she sat down on the sofa helplessly while Huo Dong put down his cell phone and sighed in disappointment. The atmosphere had become oppressive.


Luo Yuan looked at his phone until it finally turned on; there was no signal at all, but there was an unread message. Considering the phone could not receive messages without a signal, obviously it had received the message when the battery was not yet completely empty and had turned off automatically before he’d had time to read it.


Surprisingly, the message was from Huang Xiaguang. Luo Yuan took a deep breath and read the message word by word. It took him a few minutes to read it, even though it was quite short.


“Luo Yuan, come find us if you’re still in Hedong City. My dad and his friends have built a small underground station. I know that you don’t like relying on others, but safety is more important than pride. If you can’t find a good hiding place, you can come to ours. The address is Dongguang Area, Anxie Noble District 18.”


After his last meeting with Huang Xiaguang at Donghu Park, he had never seen her again. After he had rejected her affections repeatedly, he had hurt her deeply and their relationship had gradually cooled until they had eventually lost contact. Luo Yuan had forgotten about her gradually, so he had not expected that she would still be concerned about his safety.


It was Huang Xiaguang though, who had taken the initiative to notify Luo Yuan so that he could manage to leave Donghu City with the first group of people. Though Luo Yuan could be cold-blooded while facing his enemies, he was still capable of emotion.


“Anxie Noble District 18. It doesn’t sound far from here,” Luo Yuan said to himself.


Everyone was relatively quiet during dinner. They seemed to have something on their minds and they did not eat much.


In order to save on the diesel, Luo Yuan turned off the electric generator before they went to bed and switched the flashlight on his phone.


As soon as he walked into the bedroom, Huang Jiahui shut the door like a thief. When she turned to him, her face was blushing. She was breathing fast, her eyes were moistened, and she looked hot and seductive.


Luo Yuan could not help but be turned on by such an obvious signal. He had not had sex for a long time and he was excited. Plus, after his Physique had been enhanced by the AP, his body attributes had been balanced, and he could now fully control himself. He just couldn’t wait to test his skill in bed again.


If it wasn’t for Wang Shishi, who kept sleeping in the same room with them, he would not have resisted.


They did not speak, they just embraced each other and kissed passionately. Luo Yuan’s hands quickly moved to her chest and rubbed her bosom, kneading it into various shapes. Their breathing got quicker and Luo Yuan could no longer hold back. He pressed her against the wall, untied her belt impatiently and took off hers pants along with her underwear. Then he turned her around and let her lean against the wall.


“Bed!” Huang Jiahui turned, her voice trembling as her face burned hot.


“Let’s do it here,” Luo Yuan insisted.


Under the light of the cell phone’s flashlight, her butt was white and plump like a full moon. Luo Yuan enjoyed it rubbing it, letting his fingers run over it again and again. After consuming high-rank mutated beasts for such a long time, Huang Jiahui’s skin had become delicate and smooth like silk.


Her whole body was blushing and it felt extremely hot.


Luo Yuan stroke her for a while, until he could not resist anymore. Then he untied his belt, took out his member and slowly inserted it.


He took a deep breath and slowly breathed out again.


It was not just Huang Jiahui’s skin that was boiling hot, she was hot inside too; obviously she had been abstaining for a long time. When his member was in, Huang Jiahui started moaning in pleasure while her insides started to contract and twist. She had to be very aroused.


As Luo Yuan gradually moved faster, Huang Jiahui could not support her body anymore. Her hands that had been holding the wall started to slide down.


“I can’t, I can’t do it anymore…” Huang Jiahui’s hair was disheveled, her forehead was covered in sweat and her voice was sobbing.


Luo Yuan opened his eyes wide, tightly holding and supporting her soft white butt. His speed got faster as his stomach and her butt hit against each other intensely.


Huang Jiahui knew that Luo Yuan was almost there so she said, “These days are safe!”


Luo Yuan growled, hugged Huang Jiahui tightly and held her butt still.


As they were enjoying the aftertaste of their arousal, there was a sudden knock on the door.


“Brother Luo, Sister Huang, I can’t sleep. I want to sleep with you.”


Luo Yuan was annoyed and wondered why he had not realized earlier how inappropriate it was for all of them to sleep together.


When he had first met Wang Shishi, she had still been a kid, and thus he had viewed her as one. What had happened the previous night though had made him realize that Wang Shishi was no longer a kid. She was mature, at least mentally. It was not right for them to sleep together anymore.


Most importantly, it was what Huang Jiahui would have wanted. He tried his best to advise her, “Didn’t you use to sleep alone before? You’ll get used to it again after a few days.”


“But if I don’t hug you while I sleep, I’ll have nightmares!” Wang Shishi said tenderly as she pursed her lips. Her voice sounded upset like she had somehow been wronged.


Luo Yuan felt almost soft-hearted, but he had to be strict with her. “Don’t look for excuses. Be a good girl and go back to sleep.”


“I’m missing my mom and dad.” Wang Shishi had finally decided to play her trump card.


Luo Yuan and Huang Jiahui looked at each other. Huang Jiahui suddenly sighed and said, “Just let her in!”


Then she took a piece of tissue and wiped her private parts. After she had properly cleaned up, she went over and opened the door.

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